Pa Panico Paura

Pa Panico Paura

Andra Rosta is Alessandra Rostagnotto, an Italian talented young visual designer who graduated from Kingston University London with a MA in Illustration.
Her passion for illustration and comic books developed her interest in japanese visual art and manga in particular.
This legacy has radically influenced the style that her characters reflect.
Alessandra loves also 90s Disco Music and takes inspiration from it to build her explosive color palettes.

After the release of Discosogni by Bao Publishing, Alessandra presents her new project entirely printed in Quadrifluox® and published by @70magenta.
An introspective graphic journey, a story of aggression and reaction, of anxiety and happiness, of oppression and liberation, the result of therapy work to cure one's panic disorders.
Crazy drawings and colours, uv reactive.
if you are a neon colour addict, this book is for you.
Invisible Ink Pen with UV Light included.

16 Pages full neon color + invisible blue.
Cover printed in letterpress by Archivio Tipografico