Turin, year 8290.
Due tu the lack of water, Humanity no longer inhabits planet earth and the Torino area is the only place capable of hosting form of life.
Here two Brothers, 82 and 90 lives a life of battles to free their species from the oppression of Monsters.
Life as a struggle, growth, incommunicability, meaning of life (and death) are just some theme that will accompany 4 epic missions:
The battle of Murazzi / The infested Mole / San Carlo - Castello Pandemonium / The world or Nothing

if you are a neon colour addict, this book is for you.
Invisible Ink Pen with UV Light included. (Due to customs restrictions, the pen cannot be included for shipments outside the EU)

16 Pages printed with Quadrifluox inkset + pantone 812 neon for ultra red.
Format: 22 x 29 cm.
Saddle Stitch binding

The author
Kalla is Alessandro Calabrese a graphic Designer with an architecture degree at Polytechnic of Turin and a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design at Ied of Turin.
Alessandro is inspired by the visual languages of manga cartoons and video games from the late 1990s. With these references he constructs powerful visual scenes populated by monsters, dinosaurs, various animals and robots with a rich and fun colour palette. This is the first graphic novel where he tries his hand at storytelling.
insta: @kalla_kalla_kalla